Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another Milestone

It feels like during the last year we have been crossing one milestone after another. Charles returned from Belgium in June. We were married in July. We became fully-appointed missionary candidates in November. Just a few weeks ago we crossed another special milestone. Charles was ordained at the Louisiana District Council on April 19th. Ordination requires several years of study and active ministry. Charles worked hard to get there, and I’m very proud of him!

A number of our students involved in Students for Christ come from Congo, and one of them recently passed on this video to me. It portrays Korean missionaries leading a Congolese assembly of believers in worship in their native tongue of Lingala. It is reported that within the next decade, S. Korean missionaries will number over 10,000. I loved the way these Koreans believers have embraced another culture for the sake of the Gospel, and I thought that this video was a wonderful preview of the diversity and worship that will go on one day in eternity, as described in Revelations.


Mags said...

Congratulations to you Charles! How awesome is that! You've worked hard. We're all proud of you. They're probably throwing a little party for you in heaven right now too.

I'm praying for you both right now. Transitions are good and can be tough and hard sometimes too! God bless you.

Kenneth Taylor said...

Woohoo! Go Charles. Way to rock that shawl!