Monday, October 11, 2010

They're Gonna Put Me In The Movies!

Here we were on the set, in our 70's costumes.
This old Buck Owens song could be the theme song for our last week.  Last year at this time, we had the chance to be extras in a Disney movie, Secretariat, which was being shot here in Lafayette.  The movie just came out Friday, and if you go see it, you can see Amanda in her cinematic debut.  (My scene didn't survive the director's cut; I guess they didn't want me to overshadow the other actors  ;-) 
We've also made a short video, with the help of the talented media guy, Rich Gaspard, at our home church, Crossroads Church.  The video tells a bit about our calling and introduces our work in Belgium.  We hope you'll like it.


Mags said...
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Mags said...

Ooooooh. I like that! Selfishly, I get a little taste of who Amanda is, and for the kingdom, I get a little taste of what has been and what may be happening in Belgium.

Great filming. Loved the pictures. Thanks for sharing. Finding myself praying for you and little bambino right now.


BTW, hung out with Joel in DC. Did you hear about my terroristic threat in downtown DC? (how embarrassing) Great guy.

Charles said...

thanks for the encouragement, and for praying. we're in the home stretch--only 2 months until Aidan arrives.

Joel told me he had a good time hanging out with you all, but I didn't hear about the terrorist threat you posed? do tell...