Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Aidan has Arrived

Well, if a picture is worth a thousand words, this post already has 15,000 of them. The photos above were done by our friend Ana Treuil, ( Aidan Isaiah was born on Jan. 24 at Lafayette General. He weighed 9 lbs, 9 oz. at birth, and was 22 in. long.

Those are the facts of Aidan’s birth. Here’s the story: He was two weeks overdue, and so the doctor suggested we induce. Going into the last months, we had hoped, prayed, and prepared for a natural birth, so we were a little disappointed in this, but went ahead with plans. On the day of the delivery, Amanda labored hard for 12 painful hours, but the little fellow just wasn’t moving. Finally, the doctor came in and said that the intense contractions were starting to put him at risk, and that we needed to do a C-section right away. This was obviously not at all what we hoped for, but the surgery was smooth, and an hour later we were holding our beautiful, healthy son!

One thing we have learned about babies is that, early in life, they lack an ability called “object permanence”. That is, they think that objects cease to exist when they are no longer in their field of vision. Through Aidan’s birth, our “spiritual” object permanence was expanded. We had prayed and expected God to respond with one result: a natural, easy delivery. Although we didn’t receive what we asked for, there was still evidence of God’s grace. His grace was there in the form of the doctor’s skill, as she intervened at the right time. It was also there in the numerous believing friends who prayed for us during that long day, and have brought us food and gifts since then. And it was there in the support of our families. If you were one of these people, thank you for being an expression of God’s grace to us. You helped us see that he was there even when our field of vision was too small to grasp what he was doing.

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Doug Palombo said...

Congratulations to you both! Aiden is really a "beautiful" boy. What a blessing, huh? Praise GOD!

joel said...

congrats bro! Praying for you guys right now!

Anonymous said...

We're so happy for you all! He is gorgeous. Please keep up the pics!
First Assembly of Metairie

Tommy said...

Adorable little boy...congrats!
-Tommy V

Justin Harris said...

Congrats Charles and Amanda! Aidan will teach you much in the coming year.

Kimberly said...

Beatiful baby, if it is one thing we have all learned, God answers & moves in his time. But as with your new baby, the rewards are worht the wait.
Pray God Blessing for you,
Calvary Assembly of God

JEREMY said...

Hey Charles. Congratulations!