Saturday, October 8, 2011

Summer Wrap Up

OK, I know, summer ended a while ago, and it’s been a little while, (alright, more than that) since I last wrote, but we’ve had a lot going on. Amanda is at French class, and Aidan is asleep, so I have a few minutes to tell about what we’ve been up to. Since our arrival in Brussels, our first month was consumed with setting up house and learning the city. After getting lost in Brussels traffic several times a week on our multiple trips to Ikea, we got the house set up. Then it was off to Budapest, Hungary for Impact Now. The first half of this event was a conference/mission trip. Around 400 youth from all over Europe gathered for teaching from missionaries like George Verwer and Greg Mundis. Then they were sent out to witness on the streets and help with evangelistic rallies at local churches. European youth in general are so spiritually dead; it was such an inspiring contrast to see the life in these young people as they went out to share the gospel! The second half of the conference was our annual Students for Christ training, as we trained students from around Europe to be effective in reaching their campuses. I had a wonderful time teaching about the Holy Spirit to a group of eager students, Amanda guided the discipleship groups in encountering the parables of the Kingdom, and Aidan enjoyed flirting with college girls and being the conference mascot.

Below: SFCien Nat Tselentis, on the left, sharing the Gospel on the street in Budapest

After the conference, for the rest of the summer, we’ve been building relationships with students who are involved with SFC. There is a core of 10-15 students who joined the group last year; several of them are new believers, and full of faith and eager to reach their friends. We’ve enjoyed getting to know them so far.

Below: hanging out with some of our new friends at our “End of Summer BBQ”!

Life in the City

Living in the city has certainly introduced us to some new experiences, so I thought I’d share a couple of photos. Both of these were taken from our apartment windows.

Green space, any green space, is precious! This is our neighbor, in house coat and rubber boots, mowing her lawn…

which is also the 2nd story roof of another apartment building!

Moving is done through the window, not the door. (Next time you have to move, just think of this guy, and it will all seem a lot easier.)

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