Thursday, August 5, 2010

First Baby Photos

Hey everybody, this here is our son! I know it's a really blurry photo, and you're probably not even sure what is his head or his tail, but this is, for me, one of the coolest photos ever and I thought I'd pass it along. Speaking of cool, watching the ultrasound was pretty amazing yesterday. Our boy was waving his hands around and kicking his legs. At one point, he had wiggled around to where he was almost standing on his head. I literally could have watched for hours; it was mesmerizing. Right now, I'm tempted to write Hallmarky things about the "miracle of life", but really, it was just super entertaining to watch him do his thing. Probably my imagination, but the kid just kind of looked happy, like he was enjoying the attention. (And the  nurse said he was long for his age, so maybe that NBA career will someday be an option. ;-) )

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Kenneth Taylor said...

That's awesome. Thanks for sparing us the "hallmarky" comments, lol. Although, I wouldn't fault you if you did get a little sappy. : )

Mags said...

Yahoo! What a miracle. One question, though, know that Gravely genes sort of take over the gene pool? right? And you're suprised? Ha ha. Ben went to the doctor the other day and his height is estimated to be 6'3" if he stays at his present trajectory.

So happy for you both! What an awesome picture! Thank you, Lord.

SR Tlse said...

hey!!! je savais pas, félicitations!!! Courage pour la tournée et à bientôt en Europe!!
Sonia Ruiz

Charles and Amanda Gravely said...

@ Margaret: i'm sorry it's taken me this long to respond; trouble figuring out how this works. yeah, i think the gravely genes are already working their magic, doc says he's a long one.

Charles and Amanda Gravely said...

Merci, Sonia! j'éspère que nous allons rentré en printemps 2011. dit coucou à José!