Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Unreached People?

In missions circles you hear the phrase "un-reached peoples" quite often.  When you hear this phrase, what sort of person comes to mind?  We most often think of a person living an impoverished existence, or committed to a major religion like Hinduism or Islam.  These people definitely are un-reached, but we also need to consider the professional riding the train in Brussels, or the young person shopping in a mall.  This person may not be a Buddhist, they are probably atheist, as 20 percent of Europeans profess to be, but they are no less under the sway of demonic influences.  They may have all of their physical needs met; yet they are spiritually destitute.  Ultimately, the un-reached are all those who have not had an adequate witness of the Gospel, in all of its truth and power.  This is true of them whether they are across the globe or next door. 


Kenneth Taylor said...

I can bear personal testimony to the truth of these words. The blog is looking great by the way! I'm proud of y'all for doing this thing right. : )

Journey to Greece 2010 said...

Good stuff, Charles.

Ken said...

God bless you guys, I got to visit with Amanda at church tonight for a minute. I spent some time in Greeley Col in my youth. Anyway, we will be praying for you and giving to missions thru Glad Tidings so we are excited about your work and know that there will be a fantastic reward for you in heaven. Love in Christ, Ken and Crystal Hawkins