Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Beyond the Campus

In our work with students, our ultimate goal is to go beyond the campus.  A student will only spend a few years at university, after that, it is our hope that the Gospel seed that is planted in their lives will sprout and create new life in the families that they lead, on the jobs that they take, and in the communities where they live.  We've just heard from some friends in Belgium about how this is happening in Arlon, a small city on the border with Luxembourg.  Three married couples who were once student leaders in the group at Liege found work in Luxembourg and moved to Arlon.  They noticed that there was no church in their area, in fact there are very few Gospel churches in this entire Ardennes region of Belgium.  So they began to pray about what God would have them do in this dry place.  As they have prayed, the Holy Spirit has watered their desires, and they have formed a leadership team in order to plant a new church.  The Word of Hope Church will have its first service on June 19th at 10 a.m!  Would you be praying for this new branch of the church of Jesus Christ, that those in Arlon who are seeking spiritual food and shade would find their way to Word of Hope?

Visa Update:  Whoever said "no news is good news" was obviously not waiting for their visa to come.  We spoke in our last church service at our home church, Crossroads Church, in Lafayette, on May 15th.  Since then we have packed up and moved from Louisiana to North Carolina to allow Aidan to spend a little time with his grandparents while we wait for our visas.  We were sad to leave all of our friends in La, but we are excited about the next phase of our ministry in Belgium.  Our bags are packed and we are ready to go; we just need the Belgian government's permission.  Please join us in praying for a response to come soon from Brussels. 

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