Monday, August 1, 2011

At Last!

Well, we finally made it! After a year and a half of support raising and anticipating our work in Belgium, the last month came in a rush. We packed up our apartment and spent two weeks with my parents in North Carolina waiting for our visas and letting them get some quality grandparent time with Aidan. Finally, in the space of 5 days, we rushed to Atlanta, got our visas, re-packed, and flew to Brussels on June 16th!
As our itineration phase comes to an end, we again want to say how grateful we are to all of you who hosted us, encouraged us, and gave to help us along the way. We are blessed to have friends like you!

What's Next?
One month prior to our departure, we heard a message by Pastor David Campbell in which he said the size of your field will determine the size of your harvest. We feel that God is speaking to us to establish large boundaries for our work in Brussels. July is a holiday month in Belgium, and the campuses are vacant. So we are using this time to walk these campuses, become familiar with them, and pray that God would establish them as fields for a large harvest. But you don’t have to be physically present to join with us in these prayers. Would you also like to join us in praying for the students at the Free University of Brussels--French and Flemish campuses, the Catholic University of Louvain, and the Hogeschool Universiteit Brussels, just to mention a few of the major colleges in Brussels? As you pray for them, please know that you might be the only person who has ever prayed for them in their entire lives. Yet God loves the students of these schools, and his plan is to turn their barren lives into a testimony of his grace! Thanks for praying.

Our New Home

This is our new home in Brussels. It has 2 student apartments, meeting s
pace for 70 people, a nice garden, and is centrally located to several major universities. Oh, and space for us to live on the top two floors. Amanda is excited about hosting students in the large kitchen. Our hope is that this house would be a spiritual home for students, and that it would be crammed full of them all the time!


Kenneth Taylor said...

Big things poppin', little things stoppin'. : )

Steve & Jennifer Cuttino said...

AWESOME guys, so happy for you guys!