Monday, June 4, 2012

 Eric's Story

One of the students that we’ve been privileged to get to know in the last few months is Eric Sibomana.  Originally from Rwanda, he has been participating in SFC for about a year.  Here is his story:  

 “Even though  I’ve been a Christian for so long, (11 years) I had the wrong definition of the word “Christian”.  I  thought  that  being a Christian was only between me and my God. I thought that being a Christian was being baptized. I  thought that being a Christian was coming to church every Sunday. And so I’ve been coming to church from Friday to Sunday ever since I arrived in Belgium.

Something that I kept doing was doing what  other youths did in the clubs or at school. Which I knew was  wrong, but since I knew that God was a forgiving  God I could live my week like any other youth but ask forgiveness later on.

SO two things changed my Christian way of living: The first is that I came across a group called Students for Christ (SFC). There I realized that there were some Christians students  that had something  that I didn’t have. They had the zeal for God, passion for Christ and were ready to give their lives totally to God. I found that these youths weren’t perfect and had  the same challenges as every student  and every youth, but they were  determined to be better Christians.

The second thing that changed me deeply  and profoundly was the word of God. In our youth group here at Holy Trinity (his church),  we decided to start a Bible-in-a-year program and this made me discover or re-discover what  being a Christian meant. I found that  in the word Christian there’s the name “Christ”. So I realized that a Christian without Christ is not truly a Christian.  I found that being  a Christian is not  what I do but who I am.  I discovered in God’s word that while I was still a sinner Christ died for me and his grace is sufficient for me (2 Corinthians12:9)”

Eric's Baptism

 Eric read these words publicly on Easter Sunday at his church just before we baptized him (in a kiddie pool!) in front of his friends and family.  He has indeed been buried with Christ and raised again to a new life!

"The Sunshine Remedy" in concert

Thursday Nights!

The other day I overheard one of the students inviting another student to SFC.  When asked what we do, she responded, “Well, it’s different every time!”

Nothing could be more true of our last few months.  We’ve hosted a Danish economist, a Dutch/British reggae band, and a Nigerian psalmist.   We’ve discussed true romance, and the meaning of the Ascension.
One thing is the same:  the Gospel.  In all that we do, we strive to see that the Cross is presented.

Aidan Update

"When's that Tour de France thing again?"
When we arrived in Brussels (close to a year ago!), we had a little four month old baby.  Today we have a walking and talking toddler!  Aidan makes us laugh, challenges us with his curiosity, and ensures that we fall asleep the moment our heads hit the pillows.  His favorite activities are being read to, playing with spatulas and going to the park.  Yesterday he went on his first bike ride with Charles.  Every time they would stop, Aidan said, ‘More!’

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