Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Words of Life

“Amanda, it is just so nice to have a time where we can just read the Bible, talk about it, and pray for each other. Thank you.”  It sounds simple enough, but those words were a gift of encouragement from the Lord.  It was a Wednesday night after our women’s small group.  I was feeling tired and a little discouraged. I needed to be reminded that it’s the simple disciplines—reading the Bible, talking about it, praying for each other—that are so vital to our spiritual lives. 

For the seven young women that have been coming to small group this semester, reading and discussing the Bible in a relaxed setting and praying for each other every week has been a brand new experience.  They ask questions, express their ideas and learn together how to apply the Bible to their lives. It is exciting to see them get excited about sharing God’s Word with each other.  

This small group has been a new experience for me as well.  I’ve been leading small group discussions with college students for over ten years-- in English.  This one is in French.  Even though my French is much better than it was a year ago, trying to not just keep up with but lead a Bible Study results in a headache, some frustration and serious lessons in relying on the Holy Spirit. I’m learning to trust that God’s strength is made perfect in my weakness!

Coffee Talk

One day, we posed the question, “Where is God?” and students could vote among 4 choices: 1-Church, 2-Inside us, 3-Everywhere, and 4-in Nature. Several suggested we add the choice, “Nowhere.” Pictured here is our coffee stand that we do at the Free University of Brussels.  We set up by the bus stop, offering a free cup of coffee  and the chance to converse about God.   The Free University is committed to atheistic principles, so the last 3 times I’ve done this, the police have forced us to leave, even though it’s a public sidewalk.  Please pray for a breakthrough in this spiritual stronghold.

The Next Generation

 Along with the SFC Belgium staff, this semester saw the launch of our internship program.  Our first intern is Sarah Lecerf,, top left in photo, a 2012 graduate of the University of Mons.  Aside from working full-time, Sarah gives 10-15 hours a week to outreach at her old school, discipling, and biblical studies.  She’s doing a great job!

Family News

Hi, I thought I would represent myself this month and tell you what’s up.  In the last month, I’ve been working on my singing a lot.  I easily mastered the “Itsy-Bitsy Spider”,  “The Wheels on the Bus” and I’m currently working on “Away in a Manger”.  I don’t have a girlfriend, although I never decline when the toddler girls offer me their snacks.  We have a library nearby; I like being read to by Mom and Dad, and I usually pretend not to notice when Dad skips pages.  See you next time!

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